JK Sleepers


A curling tool

Joseph Koniak Sleepers are a unique setting tool that uses body heat to set the hair.  A percentage of our body heat is lost through the head. This heat is sufficient in aiding to set hair that has been freshly washed and dried naturally.  If required, additional heat from a hair dryer can be used to speed up this process but this will depend on the thickness and nature of your hair.

JK Sleepers are flattering, comfortable and easy to use. Made from the simplest of materials – wire sponge and cotton – they allow for complete freedom and ease, whether walking or sleeping.

Different Effects.
Each effect will depend upon the way you section and implement the sleeper.
To achieve the different effect follow the guidelines below:

  • Curly hair = Smaller sections
  • Wavy hair = Larger sections
  • Textured hair = Random sections

An infinite amount of effects can be achieved with your sleepers. From waving long straight processed hair to giving that extra lift to a short cut. Quick and simple and completely fuss free.
Sleepers are the perfect holiday accessory, light and compact to pack, and no need to worry about electric wires and international adapters.



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